3 of The Hottest Hair Color Trends For Fall

It’s finally fall! As the weather cools down, now is the perfect time to add some warmer tones to your strands. Take a look at some of the hottest hair trends for fall, and treat yourself to a new color here at Salon Jonas in Dallas, Texas. 


Adding some golden tones is the perfect way to transition your lighter and brighter summer blonde to a warmer and deeper shade for fall. These honey golden tones are sure to bring out your complexion in any fall sweater. 

Another way to spice your look up this fall is to incorporate some auburn hues. Perfect for warming up lighter tones, this shade embraces the color of the seasons—and makes the perfect addition to any fall outfit.


Keep things simple with a classic rich shade of dark brown. Brunette tones add dimension to any hairstyle this fall—and a shine treatment will leave you shining bright for weeks. 

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